UV2 - Thunderspire

Day 1:
The Bloodreavers...

The party (Bolok, Khaavren, and Randall) return to Winterhaven to meet up with Lord Padraig after eliminating the threat from the Shadowfell Keep (and sadly loosing Turgon to a demonic god-wall thing…).

On returning to town, Randall is informed of an family emergency and leaves that morning for home.

Upon showing the Kalorel’s letter to Lord Padraig, he asks Bolok and Khaavren to investigate the Bloodreavers, and someone named Krand, in Thunderspire Mtn (and possibly eliminate them) and in return he’ll pay them 1000gp. Noticing the party has shrunk, he also tells the group to look-up Scrag, a half-orc mercenary currently staying at the town inn.

Bolok and Khaavren head to the inn and meet up with Scrag. Scrag seems interested in the money, so he joins the two adventurers on their journey to Thunderspire Mtn, thus forming the mighty adventuring company, Moosejaw Inc.!

Late afternoon on the third day of traveling, the Moosejaw-ians reach the mountain and enter the cave entrance that will lead them to the Seven Pillared Hall. Leading their mounts down the passage, they come across some goblins (they name themselves Bloodreavers) attempting enslavement of Rendil Halfmoon, a resident of the Hall, and rescue the heck out of him. In return Rendil provides MJ Inc. with the location of the area of Sarrun Khel where the Bloodreavers are known to frequent, The Chamber of Eyes, as well as complimentary room and board at his family’s inn (including Scrag’s prodigious grog tab).

The next morning the group checks out a few of the establishments in the Seven Pillared Hall to get a feel for the area and see what goods are available. They stop by Deepgem Company and learn of Ulthand Deepgem’s lost boar, which is roaming through labyrinth further in Thunderspire. Next, they visit Gendar’s Curio and Relic shop. He tells them of a skull scepter lost when his employees were ambushed, apparently by a group of duergar. He informs MJ Inc. that the scepter can be found in The Horned Hold and that he’ll reward them for it’s return.

After some debate concerning their next destination, the brave party decides to act on Rendil’s information and head to The Chamber of Eyes and investigate the Bloodreavers. Inside the chamber, the Moosejaw Boys sneak up on the entrance guards, kill three of them, while two goblins manage to escape. After a brief respite they follow the path of the escaped Bloodreavers into a room with - two - one duergar accompanied by the very same goblins that escaped from the guardroom.

Our heroes barely survive the ensuing fight, with Khaavren getting knocked the fuck out by a damned caster, before they can regroup when the tardy Krand charges in and promptly dies…

=== Session Ended there, with MJ Incorporated in Krand’s room ===


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